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"A former client recommended that I try the Business Development Consultancy Services of Sue Cooney. He said she could dissolve stress and other issues quickly over the phone. Quick solutions, at my desk, so potentially saving valuable time, sounded attractive!

Sue recommends starting with clearing stress and other “elephant” issues on the first call, as she can demonstrate results immediately. This does work amazingly quickly, but I have since discovered there is very much more ..."

James Partridge
The Senior Partner at Thomson Snell & Passmore
Thomson Snell & Passmore the UK Law Firm with the oldest lineage dating from the 1500s.
Entrepreneurs Startups Business Owners

Every business owner is as much trapped by success as failure. Having an entrepreneurial spirit can be exciting in many ways but if you need to maintain your focus within a myriad of opportunities, or are looking for faster solutions and measurable results - let’s talk.

Hedge Fund Managers, Analysts. VC’s, Angel Investors, Founders

You have already committed large amounts of time, money or both. You want to see a better ROI on your startup investments. When you need that Startup to fulfil its promise, to turn around and get back on track this is for you. Contacting me now could save you a great deal of time, money, stress and even personal relationships.

C Level Executives

When you want new ideas and perspectives, or want to refresh your own entrepreneurial spirit and staying ahead of the competition means creative and innovative solutions to improve the bottom line – speaking to me sooner rather than later during a crisis means you can move further, faster and feel wiser than you were before.

The Art of "Fast Results".

Begin to enjoy fast easy change, that even in your "wildest dreams"
you have may never have imagined possible.

Notice the difference often within 6 minutes of a 30 minute consultation.


By Phone or Skype for fast Benefits and even Delight!

Enjoy greater personal and business success, immediate relief from stress, improved focus, reduced anxiety,
overcome procrastination,  improve sleep and so much more.
Feel the changes wherever you are...


San Francisco - New York - London - Paris - Athens - Kuwait - Mumbai - Hong Kong - Tokyo - Sydney


"Plus anywhere in between"


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