Why should I try your consulting approach?

There maybe nothing faster and, you will be able to measure the tangible changes for yourself “in the moment”.

Do I need to believe?

No you don’t need to believe, in fact a belief “may” hinder inasmuch as it often slows or limits the range of perception.

For example remember a time when you were in a rush to get somewhere in a hurry, during that time the range of what you perceive can narrow considerably.  In moments of anger one can experience what is called tunnel vision which is an extreme narrowing of the visual field.

Being open to possibilities is very helpful, as you will often encounter new opportunities where you may have previously and unwittingly been closed.

Sue, How is it that you get results even when people live miles away?

From my perspective I work as if everything is simply energy, which is the picture that quantum physics paints.

Matter as Energy
We experience ourselves, and the physical world around us as matter, dense matter to varying degrees, rocks, trees, our homes, even a newborn baby but, it’s been proven by Nobel Prize winning scientists that all matter is a form of energy which eventually dissolves into what is called the “Unified Field”.

For example the model of our human body structures can be broken down into

Tissues, like skin and muscle
Quantum Particles

At the level of electrons they, (electrons) flicker in and out of existence from a cloud of potentiality into an electron and out again. Even a tiny piece of metal has been proven in an experiment by quantum physicist Aaron O’Connell to be in two different placed at the same time, proving that a particle can be both present and not present at the same time! This can seem mind-boggling and incomprehensible but it’s important to be aware of the existence of this sort of science, to move from outdated knowledge and limiting beliefs, to being more open to fresh possibilities in every area of our lives.

Systems, Man-made and Organic

There are many systems, man-made systems for example theories and mechanical systems, like cars and computers as well as technologies, all of which can be built, broken down, repaired and rebuilt again based on a plan or a formula.

Organic systems have been identified and there is the science to explain many aspects of how the human body works, but the science to explain a very large range of human experience is yet to be discovered. The energy meridians of the body that have been recognised for over a thousand years have now been witnessed by a simple light beam shone at one end of a meridian and a light has been detected at the other.

There are still many areas of human experience that science has as yet to discover a measure for. The Lymphatic system is not widely recognised as the body’s natural waste system unless you consult with complementary health practitioners. Chakras are not recognised even though on waking it is possible to witness the slow spinning of the 6th, 5th, 4th and at times the 3rd, chakras in peripheral vision rather like the shadow cast by an extractor fan.


It’s worth touching on statistics for a moment. Statistics are often introduced as a sort of fact, as well as being used to predict the future, which can be useful for man-made concepts and polls.

For organic systems, I see statistics more as a reflection of 20 / 20 hindsight, especially when it comes to the human body and human experience. We can only guesstimate based on the size of the recorded outcomes of the past, because each person and their life experience is unique the use of statistics to predict human outcomes can be unnecessary limiting especially when used as an absolute.

Science can be uncomfortable with the term infinite, so will often “normalise” numbers to explain a model.

Estimates vary, but the normalised totality of human knowledge may account for 8%  to less than 2% of what in fact may be anywhere from 92% unknown to infinite unknown possibilities.

Professor E J Langer of Harvard has said that an outcome only has to happen once for a precedent to be set. From my perspective and those of my clients it is their own experiential results that are their new precedent whether it’s a new maximum deal size of over $100,000,000 or 10 year back pain dissolving within 25 minutes.

The statistic that is most relevant to you is ultimately your own experience and results.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes, and naturally my coaching / consulting style is very different, as I am also checking your energy in relation to different aspects of your goals. Resistance levels can vary from subtle or unconscious – from within you or impacting you from elsewhere in your environment and life, such as people you interact with, places and other dynamics.

What if you fail to deliver?

It’s a very big if as you “will” experience change, also you have my money back Guarantee.


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