Flexibility and Mobility Event

TeleConsultation Event 9th August 2013

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Flexibility and Mobility

TeleConsultation Event


Sue Cooney

Flexibility impacts quality of life.  From your favourite sport maybe that’s Golf or Tennis perhaps Yoga or Pilates. For some it’s simply around – walking and even getting round town.

This TeleConsultation will enable you to submit your joint or flexibility issue
for Sue to work on for you on the call.
(Although you may begin to experience an improvement before the call and benefit from the work with other participants.)

 To Book https://flexibility-and-mobility.eventbrite.co.uk/

You can read below what delighted clients say
about a 30 minute one-to-one phone appointment with Sue.
Even though they may live many miles away.

Who should attend?

If you would like to experience greater flexibility in general or for your favourite sport.
If you have a stiff or painful shoulder, elbow, knee or other joint.
Even back pain.


What you can expect:
We will discover your baseline for your issue, so that you can measure the level of improvement for yourself.
You can submit one joint issue to be worked on during the TeleConsultation.

At the end of the TeleConsultation we will check your progress or improvement.

You may also notice additional benefits as everything is interconnected.



Thursday, 8th August 2013, 11.00am-1pm

8 x 15 minute appointments
Each TeleConsultation is valued over £60.
(1 appointment per person a full 25 minute appointment is normally £125)


Via Phone

Or, the Best Place for YOU
From the comfort of your own home
In your office
In your Hotel, half way around the world 


For  enquiries contact:

Tel:  01403 276 488

Visit the Client Results Page above


As soon as you have booked, simply send me an email with your EventBrite Invoice number and I will email you the 1st avalable time slots for the date.

 To Book https://flexibility-and-mobility.eventbrite.co.uk/



What is a TeleClinic?

A TeleConsultation is an opportunity to try out a service via a phone call. I only work on one issue for each person during a TeleClinic, as some issue can be more complex can take longer. However, it will certainly give you some idea, a taster of what can be experienced in a full one-to-one 30 minute appointment with Sue is like.

 To Book https://flexibility-and-mobility.eventbrite.co.uk/




Any TeleConsultation is not a substitute for other medical care and consultations. I use a non-invasive, non-touch technique and make no claims of treatment or cures, every clients relsults are unique for each person.

The TeleClinic may, or may not, facilitate what it termed the healing process. This is a holistic apprach, supportive and integrative and not a diagnostic method. Always consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Do not reduce or discontinue prescribed medications without consulting your doctor.

Thank you for your understanding.

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