James Partridge
The Senior Partner at law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore

“A former client recommended that I try the Business Development Consultancy Services of Sue Cooney. He said she could dissolve stress and other issues quickly over the phone. Quick solutions, at my desk, so potentially saving valuable time, sounded attractive!

Sue recommends starting with clearing stress and other “elephant” issues on the first call, as she can demonstrate results immediately. This does work amazingly quickly, but I have since discovered there is very much more – her advice and help is based on her wide ranging knowledge, abilities and experience of business life at several different levels.

Sue produces tailored, jargon free (what a relief!) follow up reports, unique to our discussions, with creative, innovative and practical solutions based on reflection, experience and deeper insights, which I find enormously valuable.

A firm with our heritage, in times like this, is bound to have a number of key issues to deal with. We are really benefiting from Sue’s truly fresh perspectives from macro through to her astute insights (both commercial and of human nature), that I have not found in anyone else. ”

The heritage of Thomson Snell & Passmore dates back to 1570







Identifying and nurturing an M&A opportunity for private company through to completion.

Expanding client perceptions of what's possible, so that one executives single largest sale went from $40 million to $130 million.

Coaching through to realization the sale of private company to London based Investment Bank.

Coaching Director of FTSE 100 Blue Chip Corporation through a perceived glass ceiling and promotion to Vice President.








Improved Business Volumes for Country House Hotel

“… almost immediately Sue was making such lovely constructive suggestions as to how we could improve our business volumes. Sue went out of her way to think of and research ideas we could use. I am now working on one of those which will almost certainly result in us holding (new seminars) here. Sue, it is a delight knowing you, a pleasure to recommend you and long may we stay in touch”

Anthony Lloyd "Fallowfields" Oxfordshire



“Sue, there just aren’t enough people with your skills at the top of an organisation.” MA Northern Ireland

“Sue, I don’t know exactly what you do, but you do it very well!” PMB – Hong Kong

“Sue was contracted to coach the Group’s Senior Executives and achieved truly exceptional results.” MAC London

“Sue, in being with you I found me!” Dr. TM London


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