Shoulder Pain and Limited Range of Motion – Gone                            
( 2 x 20 minute appointments by phone ).

Dear Sue,

Thank you, I don’t pretend to understand how it works (and by phone) but after more than a year with pain in my left shoulder, particularly when I moved my arm, I have now been pain free for two weeks. It didn’t really dawn on me till the weekend that I have been sleeping so much better too.
Off to work in half an hour but just wanted to say thank you so much, getting rid of the pain makes me feel more energized and relaxed.

Best wishes,


Jenny Logan – Oxfordshire








fast_back_pain_relief private client results

10 Year Back Pain – Gone
(One appointment 30 minutes by phone).

Mike had been visiting other professionals for 10 years and had 5 treatments during the month including an appointment the day before but, was still in pain when I spoke with him.

"I have been attending a clinic for back treatment for the past 10 years.
I’m not sure how you managed to do it, but since our phone conversation 4 days ago I have been free from back-pain… and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to move around without wincing, I actually laid in bed this morning and for the first time in several weeks I realised I had no back pain what so ever, and so far, I’m still pain free, so thank you very much, it has made a world of difference… what ever you did it certainly worked for me, …”

Best wishes.

Mike Tarrant – Essex

A further update from Mike, he helped his daughter who was moving house. Swam 67 laps, and has started Pilates.

Right Knee and Sleeping better.
(1 x 50 minute 1 x 40 minute appointments by phone )

“I have always been a fit and active person and being a non driver have had to walk everywhere. About six months ago my right knee started to lock and I found myself limping. Gradually this got worse and I was slowly having to accept that perhaps this was going to be a permanent condition which would eventually require surgery. However, that was the last thing I wanted! So I just started limping everywhere!

Then a close friend told me about Sue Cooney and the healing Sue was able to offer. To be honest it sounded too good to be true, but I thought what have I got to lose. So I phoned Sue and immediately found her soothing and honest tone to be a great comfort -she just oozed integrity and commanded a quiet respect. It was such a relief just to hand over my problem to her, but still I was a doubting Thomas. How could this possibly work? All too soon the session was over … now it was a waiting game.

To my utter amazement I found walking a lot more comfortable with only a twinge of discomfort…nothing like before the healing session. I noticed I was also sleeping better. After a week or so I reported the success to Sue – she asked me on a scale of 0 to 10 where the discomfort was now and I said probably a ’1′ -she then did some more healing on me. That was over a month ago and I can honestly say that my right knee is completely cured – I have absolutely no discomfort or locking – I am able to walk and run completely normally… I am just delighted and amazed at this result.”

I do not pretend to completely understand the method that Sue adopts but this I do understand… IT WORKS!!

Mary Christie. Northumberland







munch the scream and phobias

(Change achieved in 30 minutes by phone ).

Debbie had a phobia of birds that even caused her to do her supermarket shopping at night to avoid encountering birds.

"I am a 54 year old women who has had a terrible phobia of birds my entire life and it has crippled me to the extent that it has ruled and impacted upon my home and working life.

I have spent on average £2000 + on hypnoses, on top of that I have had various counselling sessions arranged through my GP, all these sessions have FAILED!

After a half hour phone appointment with Sue, I have visited a local farm where I went into a pen to feed some chickens and ducks, I managed to do this unaided and without panicking, or getting worked up.

I’ve been into my local town center and supermarket with my husband where there are lots of pigeons, this is something I used to do after dark as I knew there would be little chance of pigeons being around.

Since my phone appointment with Sue, I am now dealing with my phobia and I am confident that I will eventually be able to do things on my own and I have already planned a day out to London with my grandsons.

I can’t thank Sue enough for what I can only describe as a new life."

Debbie Wilson Surrey

Pulled Knee Muscle – and Follow-up
(3 x 20 minute appointments by phone).

Carol was in bed when I spoke with her - this was after damaging her knee as she ran across the road.

“I feel amazed at the difference with my knee / leg injury, even Eddie my partner was stunned at the difference from when he saw me hobbling in the morning. I can now walk without a limp. I was gob-smacked with the treatment over the phone, yet I truly could feel it changing in an instant. I can’t say I understand it, but it works.

Thank you so much for your help.”

C Massey – Essex

Update from C

“I just wanted to update you on the great progress of my knee. As you know It was really painful and I was very concerned. I know that knee injuries can be very problematic. I cannot believe that it just went away after your treatment. I am getting on with things again and keep forgetting what a worry it was only weeks ago.

Thank you so much. I will not hesitate to contact you in the future and have passed your details onto a friend.”





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